Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Seven Degrees of Viral Separation

I get loads of viral messages every day. I read them quickly because im always looking for something that will inspire an interesting idea of my own. Most of them get deleted very quickly but I got one this morning that stood out.

The link is http://www.lost.eu/9629

The reason it stood out is because it is a game to prove the concept of seven degrees of separation and I quite like that idea. Most networking sites could provide a network 'spidergram' of connections but don't, so this one is setting out to establish how 7 Million people could be linked together through their various connections.

First prize for the person with the most connected network also gets £500 but out of 7 Million players that sounds like a lot of effort for comparative little reward. There are other prizes as well but the main point is to play the game and get networking to prove the theory.

Have a look, its actually very well done.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Google to take a stake in ClearChannel

Reading Brand Republic this morning I found an interesting article on the latest Google move. Apparently Google may be set to buy into ClearChannel and take a stake. The full article is here

Way back in 1999 I was involved with a project for a client called AMFMi which was owned by Chancellor Media. The project gained a lot of attention and soon Chancellor was bought by ClearChannel.

The project involved redefining radio as a radio broadcast media form to a web based media form using application farms to deliver rich content to all stations in all markets and all areas. It meant that even a small minority radio station with a minimal audience had the capabilities to stream music, display the current tracks name and give listeners the ability to purchase either the MP3 or the CD, as well as delivering targeted local content from a national content delivery system. It really was Radio Utopia and would have set-up radio very well for the move across to digital. All in all it was designed to service something like 800 radio stations across America and include everything from Top 40, Rock, Gospel, Classical and Jazz. Unfortunately like a lot of projects it started to have to fight for funds after the economy turned and the bubble burst in 2001 and was finally (as far as I’m aware) killed off in early 2002.

It was a real privilege to be involved in that project which included some of the most forward thinking people I’ve ever met, and I’ve always wondered what would have become of UK Radio markets if the project had carried on and a model existed for UK markets to follow. I’ve had discussions over the years with UK Radio companies but my impression is that the differences in market conditions don’t breed the same forward thinking attitude here as it does in the US, and my experiences have been less than inspiring.

ClearChannel then in my view does have a forward thinking and innovative approach to its markets and so potentially getting involved with Google for Radio does seem to me to be a fantastic fit. It also opens up a few questions on the future of board advertising especially with the move towards Bluetooth enabled boards. I await what happens next with interest.

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