Friday, September 08, 2006

Lynx Sprinkler

It’s not often that I’ll look at an ad and think that it is going to have a counter productive effect on the brand but I find myself doing exactly this with the new sweat everywhere ad from Lynx for their Lynx Dry product.

Now the ad was originally created in Argentina by VegaOlmosPonce and adapted for the UK by Lowe London and so there may be some International travel issues with the ad from the start but my biggest problem with it is that it doesn’t seem to have the same underpinning values of previous Lynx advertising which on the whole I’ve thought has been perfect.

Now it could be a generation thing but I remember being told at school that anti perspirants work by clogging up the pours and so they were actually going to make you sweat more not less, and the products you should be using were deodorants. At that time there were a lot of anti perspirants around and so finding a deodorant took a bit of doing, but that very soon changed. Naturally I cynically wonder if this all was conceived at a 80s planner’s desk but even if it did, it worked and sales of deodorants went through the roof.

It therefore seems very odd that this story is told of Mr Sweaty and the solution is an anti perspirant. It doesn’t fit what was ingrained. Second to that the whole Lynx Effect is missed, and a very somber girlfriend is still nervous to be around her man when he raises his arms. Not exactly the babe-magnet-towel-twirling-all-you-need-to-be-dressed-and-pull-is-Lynx message of their shower gel product.

I just think that this ad misses the core Lynx values and as such is neither pleasant to watch or reinforcing for the brand. I watch it and nothing makes me want to go out and buy Lynx Dry (admittedly I'm not the target marketplace but I always try and get into the mindset of the intended customer and on this occasion I'm failing).

Maybe I’ve been doing this far too long and looking way too deeply but that’s what struck me.

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