Saturday, May 06, 2006

Where's the Gypsy?

I've recieved several emails asking what has happened to the Gypsy Mission and it is true that i've been very quiet recently, but two complex campaign launches and an office move has had an adverse effect on blogging. There has been so much happening and Ive really wanted to comment on all of it but just never been able to find the time. To be hoenst there wasn't time to find. One campaign however is now launched and is available.

Today and all next week, ebookers is giving away free flights as part of a joint promotion with the Daily Mail.

Checkin2win is a prize draw which selects a random winner each hour to receive two free tickets. All you have to do is register each hour in order to be in the draw which starts at 10:00am today. You can also increase your chances of winning by referring a friend to be included in the draw as well.

Hopefully now the decks have been cleared and I can start to comment on all the things that have happened over the weeks as well as the new things.