Wednesday, March 22, 2006

If Sky is doing it then It must be right

I've said in the past that digital TV in this country was ill conceived in its execution.

I saw absolutely no point in trying to create another web and the red button was never a decent way of interacting with anything. What I wanted was truly interactive content where televisions were actually computers and you could take part in the show or ad you were watching as well as providing feedback. The big problem was that programs were scheduled, and that gave the whole thing an insurmountable problem. Well just as Radio is being usurped by Podcasts, broadcast TV will be usurped by IPTV, and the most encouraging information I have yet seen has come through just now from Brand Republic, with Sky's announcement that it will launch its Broadband TV service. This means that the platform is in place, next will come the markup standard and then clever agencies and production houses can start to create their content.

Add to that an article from the register today about ITV rejecting a takeover bid and this is starting to look like a fairly imminent reality. The only thing that has surprised me is that Freeview didn't pick up on this first, as I would have thought that they were the ones ideally placed to lead the way on this.

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